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In an alternate reality, based on feudal Japan, four ninja clans battle for resources on a land filled with massive creatures and magic. Instead of working together on their island continent, the four clans remain in constant conflict. You take control of a shrine maiden turned ninja named Sayuri Nanami, who not only embarks on an adventure to find her mother, but looks to unite the four ninja clans.

BeyondShadow follows the story of Sayuri, a self-taught ninja from the Kenji Clan, as she begins her adventure by escaping the clutches of her oppressive father: The Emperor of the Kenji. She uses her skills to escape capture by the Kenji as she visits each ninja clan to learn of their culture, follow clues to find her mother, and build her influence to unite the clans. Uniting the four clans will allow the people of the island continent to explore new worlds beyond their homes.

Can Sayuri accomplish her quest or will her father crush the land’s only chance of exploring a world beyond theirs? Find out in Beyond Shadow!

BeyondShadow Demo Available February 18th 2022

It is finally time to enter Japan 16th century and join ninja assassins and complete mind-blowing missions that are part of an epic storyline.


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    Play As A Ninja

    In Beyond Shadow, you play as a Ninja. However, you’re not just any professionally-trained Ninja, you are a shrine maiden who secretly trained as a Ninja. In an alternate-reality Japan where women cannot become Ninjas, a shrine maiden by the name of Sayuri must venture to find her mother and defeat the most powerful Ninja in all the land, her father. With a trusty kunai, players use ninja abilities and skills to fight off creatures and enemy ninja.


    As a ninja, you will fight off enemies with various weapons and powers. As you progress through Beyond Shadow, you’ll gain experience to become stronger to take on more powerful enemies. You and your allies must single-handedly fight through waves of enemies, unite the four ninja clans, avoid the tides of war, and defeat an oppressive emperor.